1. Email me the detail of order. ekinrazman@gmail.com

Personal Info :
  • Name & Telephone Number
  • Delivery address
  • Event Date (make order at least 2 week before)
Description and details of your order :
  • Item Name (Coloring Book, Stickers, Goodies Label and etc)
  • Quantity 
  • Sizes & Shapes
  • Personalized info (such as texts on the prints, dates and etc)
  • Theme of the event (pls. give us a brief description of your desired theme, for eg: Mickey Mouse Theme for a 5 year old birthday girl, in black & pink, include characters Mickey & Minnie only)
  • Color Preferences

2. Wait for our reply via email for payment instruction.

3. Make the FULL PAYMENT.

4. Wait for draft artwork to be prepared.

5. Once artwork is ready, double check on everything. Only TWO(2) requests for amendments will be entertained.

6. Sit back and relax. We will quote the expected day to send your order for delivery.